FAQS Before Getting Started

Hiring a Graphic or Web Designer can be intimidating, and we want it to be a good fit for both you and us. That's why we highly recommend asking these questions before getting started.

  • What exactly is your business or idea? This is a pretty good starting point. After all you need to know exactly what your business or idea is going to do before we start work together. We want to make sure we are both on the same page with the same goals. 

  • What do you want your website or graphic design to accomplish? Or another way of saying it is: "What's your primary goal for the website or design? What do you want most from it? Quote requests, sales, class booking, more memberships etc?" 

  • Do you have a website already? If you do have a website, what is it you like or don't like about it? Why are you interested in a new one or a relaunch or changing of management? 

  • Who are your competitors? Now that we, together understand your business and/or idea, and what we want your website or design to accomplish, it’s time to do some research. And where better to start than by checking out your business's competition? What are they offering that you can or can't? What do you feel sets you apart?

  • What websites do you like and why? This can be related to the above question about competitors, but if we want our clever design work to put a smile on you and your clientele's face, then we need to make sure we are on the same page 'design and user interface - wise'. On the flip side, what sites DON’T you like and why? At least this way we'll both know what not to include! 

  • Who exactly is your ideal customer? Often, you will want to say, “Everyone, we sell everyone”. But you really want to set yourself apart and we want to figure out how to target your ideal reach so you can get the best Return on Investment (ROI). So ask yourself, “If you could roll all your customers into one super-customer... what would he/she be like? Where would he/she shop, eat, watch, listen to, vacation?"

  • What features do you want your website/design to have? Often you have finally of made the decision to get a new website or design (logo, branding, management, etc) because you've seen something online that you like. What’s more is, this could be a growing standard for websites everywhere (at least in your field) and you may... no wait, NEED to implement it now
For example, do you want: A shopping cart? Social media implementation? Email collection and email marketing capability? Auto-responders for nurturing? A blog or news feed? Photo galleries? Onsite videos? A slider banner? A mobile site? The ability for people to leave comments? A quick contact form, quote request or booking form? A live chat? 
Whatever you want, let's together make sure we know what it is so this implementation can be done at the beginning of the design and development process and not leave you disappointed later. 

  • And Finally When Do We start? Do you have a launch date in mind? We want to make sure we reach your deadlines and vice versa. We like to set up goals and deadlines and want to meet your needs for conventions, events, marketing, mailers, etc. 

So message us, Contact us, drop us a line or even stop by the office and let's chat about where you want to go with your business or brand!